Black Widow brings in $26.3M in its second weekend domestically

By Stephen Ippolito | July 18th, 2021

Marvel Studios’ Black Widow fell to second place in its second weekend at the domestic box office (Space Jam: A New Legacy $31.7M) after earning $26.3M. In North America, the film has now earned $131M. Overseas, the Scarlett Johansson-led film brought in $29.9M, giving it a global total of $264M.  If you include Disney+ Premier Access purchases, the film has earned more than $324M.

The $26.3M it earned stateside represents a 67% drop from its first weekend. That number is on par with other blockbuster films that have opened in this post pandemic year (F9 67%).

Black Widow has yet to open in China, which should give it a boost at the global box office. Unfortunately, it still looks like the Phase Four film will likely finish at the bottom of MCU earners. Right now ($264M), it’s in last place behind The Incredible Hulk ($265M), Captain America: The First Avengers ($370M), Thor ($449M), and Ant-Man ($518M).

I’m sure had the pandemic not occurred, it would have earned over a $1B, putting it in the top 10.

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1 thought on “Black Widow brings in $26.3M in its second weekend domestically

  1. Yea this is a tough time for Marvel because literally every film that came out 2019 for them. Captain Marvel, Avengers Endgame, and Spiderman Far From Home. Made it on the top 50 highest grossing films. (and Captain Marvel wasn’t even that great!) so they where on top of the world with Endgame being the number 1 film and then 2020 happened and Black Widow is making an impressively small amount of money from a Marvel film. But I think that it’s still doing well compared to the rest of the films coming out this year. I haven’t seen it yet… hopefully sometime this week, I’ll post my review of it whenever I see it.

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