Anthony Ramos talks about joining Ironheart series and suggests Black Panther’s Ryan Coogler is also working on it

By Stephen Ippolito | March 29th, 2022

In February, it was revealed that In The Heights star Anthony Ramos had been cast in Marvel Studios’ upcoming series Ironheart. While we don’t know what specific character he will be playing, we have since learned that he will be the show’s villain.

During an interview with Extra TV on Sunday, the actor talked for the first time about joining the series and the MCU. He also seemingly revealed that Black Panther: Wakanda Forever director Ryan Coogler is involved with the Disney+ series.

“I’m excited. I’m so excited,” Ramos said. “I used to be like in the gym, I’d be like, ‘Come on Marvel call, come on Marvel call, let’s go!’ That’s what we hope for. I feel blessed. It’s an amazing project. Incredible people, Chinaka Hodge and Ryan Coogler, and just like a dope squad, Dominique Thorne and I feel blessed and grateful.”

From a creative standpoint, Coogler’s involvement makes a lot of sense. Last summer, it was revealed that Dominique Thorne will make her debut as Riri Williams (AKA Ironheart) in Wakanda Forever. So if Coogler is heavily involved in Williams’ introduction into the MCU, it’s understandable that he would continue to help develop the character in her own show.

Since Black Panther‘s massive success in 2018, Disney and Marvel Studios have expanded their collaboration with Coogler. In February 2021, the filmmaker’s production company Proximity Media signed a five-year overall deal with the company. As part of the agreement, Coogler would develop a Wakanda-set spinoff series and “select MCU shows for Disney+.” His involvement in Ironheart likely falls under the “select MCU Shows” part.

Filming for Ironheart is expected to begin in June, which would put it in line to premiere sometime in 2023. Outside of Ramos and Thorne, the other known casting is Lyric Ross, who will play Williams’ best friend. As we get crosser to shooting, I’m sure we will learn more about the show’s cast.

Watch Ramos’ interview with Extra TV below:

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