A new trailer for Black Widow could drop soon

By Stephen Ippolito | July 4th, 2020

Back in April, it was announced that Black Widow’s release date had been pushed from May 1 to November 6. Now two months after the original release date, instead of getting ready to be available on VOD, we are getting a new trailer instead.

The news comes from The British Board of Film Classification, who has registered two new trailers for the Phase 4 opener. One that runs 2m 38s, and another that runs 1m 44s. There have already been two trailers released (three if you count Super Bowl spot) promoting the Scarlett Johansson led film.

It shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise that Marvel Studios is giving fans a new trailer. After being delayed by six months, the studio has to maintain interest somehow. My question is, how much more footage are they willing to roll out without spoiling the film?

As for when it could drop, it’s currently not known. Some will point to the San Diego Comic-Con at Home online event that’s scheduled for July 22-26. However, there’s no word on if the studio will even participate. With Disney’s next film, Mulan, set to be released on August 21, I imagine it will be sometime before then.

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