A live-action Marvel Zombies project could be in the works

By Stephen Ippolito | September 15th, 2021

One of the most popular episodes so far in Marvel Studios’ first animated series What If…?, is the one that featured Marvel Zombies. Based on the popular series from the comics, the episode told how the undead overran the MCU and nearly turned every hero into a fresh eaten Zombie.

While we know that the Zombies are expected to appear in one of the three remaining episodes of the Disney+ series, there is now a report that a live-action version is on the way.

According to writer Mark Millar, who wrote one of the later Marvel Zombies comics series, a live-action version of the characters could be headed to the MCU. Miller wrote this in one of his recent newsletters.

“(If my sources are correct) a little live-action Marvel Zombies further down the line, but you never heard that from me.”

It’s entirely believable that Mark’s source is legit. As a long-time comic book writer, he is a very connected person. One possibility is that he’s heard this from another writer set to collect a royalty check for their usage. In fact, he himself could be the one that’s set to collect the check, meaning someone at Marvel Studios told him.

As for what project the characters could show up in, the most obvious guess is Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. It’s expected that Strange will visit many different universes in the upcoming film. One of them could be filled with Zombies.

It’s also entirely possible that they could appear in their own separate film or show. If this is the case, I’d expect it to be a while before we’d even see this.

So, where do you want to see live-action Marvel Zombies show up?

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