6 Characters I Want To See Introduced In Phase 4 Of The MCU

By Stephen Ippolito | June 20th, 2020

Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is slated to kick off this November with Black Widow. Running through at least 2022, this Phase will be unlike any other as it will include shows on Disney+. With more projects, you can expect a lot of new characters. Some of them we already know like Ikaris (played by Richard Madden) and Taskmaster (appearing in Black Widow). But since Marvel Studios loves to keep secrets from us, many we don’t know. So in this piece, I’ll give you six characters whom I want to see in Phase 4. 


After being teased a couple of times throughout the MCU’s history, I hope that Phase 4 will finally be when we’re introduced to Namor The Sub Mariner. I have written before that the ultimate scenario for me would be that he’s the villain for Black Panther 2. Or at least he would start out as one.

Namor facing off against the Black Panther

As one of the oldest characters in Marvel Comics history (created in 1939), Namor has a long and complicated history. Throughout his time, he’s been both a villain and a hero. That is why I think he would be perfect for the second outing of Black Panther. He could start as the main threat, but eventually, he would work with T’Challa to take down the new big bad. It would also make sense because, throughout his history, they have faced off against one another multiple times. With Black Panther 2 slated to open in less than two years (May 2022), I hope to find out if my dream will come true.

Beta Ray Bill

In January, when news broke that Christian Bale was in talks to join Thor: Love and Thunder, Beta Ray Bill was among the top 3 trending topics that day on Twitter. Everyone thought Bale would be brought in to play, or voice, the popular Marvel Comics character. Since then, however, it seems more like that is not who Bale will be playing. It’s not official, but it feels like Gorr The God Butcher is who he’s being lined up to be.

It certainly would fulfill a lot of fan’s dreams though if that’s who the three-time Batman actor was playing. Clearly, Bale does not resemble a horse like humanoid. However, after Mark Ruffalo’s motion-captured Professor Hulk role in Avengers: Endgame, anything is possible. I would also like to see Bale allowed to use his British accent for the role. That would feel like a Taika Waititi move as it would definitely add humor.

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  1. I think those first two are definitely going to happen! And Beta Ray seems like a character right up Taika’s alley 🙂

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