4 MCU related news updates to listen for during Disney’s quarterly earnings call on Tuesday

By Stephen Ippolito | August 1st, 2020

On Tuesday at around 4:30pm ET, The Walt Disney Company will present its quarterly earnings in a conference call. The company will discuss how they’ve performed in the last three months. Given the fact that their films and until recently their parks had been shut down, it’s not expected to be a positive call.

One thing to keep an eye out for though is any news and updates for Marvel Studios projects. In the past, Chairman Bob Iger and CEO Bob Chapek have shared some news as it relates to any of their films or shows that take place in the MCU. It’s never something as big as casting news, but there have been updates on release dates, new shows, and other newsworthy things. To get you prepared for the call, I’ll give you four things to keep an ear out for that could drop during it.

Falcon and Winter Soldier’s new release date

Falcon and Winter Soldier's new release date

Two weeks ago, it was reported that a new release date for The Falcon and Winter Soldier would be announced “soon.” Originally slated to drop on Disney+ later this month, the Marvel Studios produced show was unable to finish production in time and had to be pushed back. Even if an exact date is not given, it would still be nice to know what month the first series to take place in the MCU hits the streamer.

If Black Widow and the rest of Phase 4 films will be pushed back again

At the moment, none of the major theater chains in the U.S. are open. They were scheduled to reopen in mid-July but didn’t because of the resurgence of the Coronavirus in some parts of the country. While Black Widow’s November release is still three months out, some are expecting it to be pushed back because they do not think theaters will be open by then.

Because it’s still ways out, I wouldn’t expect another delay to officially be announced during the call. However, it will be interesting to see if Chapek or Iger give any indications on what they expect to happen.

When production for all MCU projects will start back up again

By now, it’s well known that back in March, all production shoots across the globe were shut down. This included all of Marvel Studios’ films and shows. Last week it looked like one of their upcoming films was getting ready to start back up again in Australia.  It also had been reported that two more would begin sometime in August. Hopefully, this will be something that’s addressed by Chapek or Iger during the call.

Comments about the report that Disney will not seek to shorten their theater window deal with cinemas

Comments about the report that Disney will not seek to shorten their theater window deal with cinemas

On Wednesday, Variety reported that Disney does not want to shorten its exclusive window it has with domestic theater chains. One day prior it was announced that AMC Theaters and Universal had agreed to shorten the window to just 17 days. If Disney did want to make a deal, it would significantly impact all upcoming films in Phase 4 and beyond. Fans would get to watch them in their own homes a lot sooner.

I’d expect the company to address their reasoning for not looking to shorten the window. I would also expect them to say if it’s something down the road they might revisit.

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