Hailee Steinfeld talks about joining the MCU as “badass” Kate Bishop

By Stephen Ippolito | December 22, 2020

For most of 2020, the question of whether Hailee Steinfeld would play Kate Bishop in the upcoming Hawkeye series remained unknown. Then earlier this month when filming began, Steinfeld was spotted on the set filming with Jeremy Renner. A week later, her casting became official when Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige confirmed it during Disney’s Investor Day.

In an interview with KICKS 99.1, Steinfeld spoke about joining the MCU as the Young Avenger for the very first time.

“[I’m] so, so excited and honored obviously to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and be playing alongside Jeremy.”

As expected, Steinfeld seems thrilled to have gotten the role. As the MCU’s new “Hawkeye”,  she will be appearing in the MCU for years to come. I’m sure she’s also excited about the payday that comes along with it.

In a separate interview later with ET, Steinfeld dug into playing Bishop and what she’s all about.

“She’s such a badass, there’s no denying that,” Steinfeld adds. “She’s so smart and witty and quick and her physical ability to do so many things is through the roof. It’s really tested me and kept me going through quarantine, I will say. It’s given me a reason to stay with it.”

Like Clint Barton, in the comics, Bishop doesn’t have any enhanced powers or wear a suit like Iron Man. She’s just very good with a bow and arrow. And like Steinfeld said, she’s also street smart and not afraid to make the tough decisions that her fellow Young Avengers won’t make.

Hawkeye will be one of six Marvel Studios produced shows released on Disney+ in 2021. Look for it to hit the streaming service in the fall of next year.

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