Falcon and Winter Soldier to have a higher rating in U.S. than WandaVision

By Stephen Ippolito | February 18th, 2021

Believe it or not we’re only one month away from the premiere of the second Marvel Studios produced series Falcon and Winter Soldier. Judging from the two trailers released, unlike WandaVison, it looks like this Disney+ series will be more like an MCU film in terms of action-packed fighting scenes. Now thanks to a new TV spot, it also looks like it will be rated even higher in the United States.

According to the one-minute spot, the series will have a TV-14 rating in the U.S.. This type of rating is the equivalent to PG-13, which is what all Marvel Studios’ films are.  WandaVision, which premiered on January 15 and is currently ongoing, only received a TV-PG rating.

As mentioned before, the higher rating is definitely due to the violence that has been shown in the trailers. One particular character that will probably earn this single-handedly is U.S. Agent (played by Wyatt Russell). In the comics, U.S. Agent, whose also known as John Walker, takes over the Captain America mantle in one story arc. Unlike Steve Rodgers, Walker was more physically violent toward his enemies and even killed a couple in anger. 

Back in October, when the series was still filming, a leaked video showed Russell’s Walker brutally beating an assailant with his shield. It seems that the series will in fact follow the comics. This is why I think U.S. Agent will be the main bad guy in the end.

Falcon and Winter Soldier is slated to be released on Disney+ on March 19. The series is expected to consist of six 40-50 minute episodes.  

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